• Are you looking to build modular?

    We create your comprehensive project definition of modular prefabricated building in 30 days to achieve 50% faster construction time, 15% cost saving, while working with one main supplier only, in a smoother workflow.


    ONLY for Building Developer who wants to define her project without pain and get:

    • Project Definition > Get Shift to Modular Plan
    • Project Assessment > Get Modular Assessment
    • Cost Estimates > Get Financial Feasibility
    • Supply Chain Integration > Get Real Purchase Offers
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  • See what clients achieved with our service


    ❝ Green Prefab is the right partner to help building developers make the leap from old, outdated construction systems to new modern modular construction methods. ❞


    ❝ We have ascertained the great work done by Green Prefab in exploring advanced digital libraries of hospital modular solutions also using artificial intelligence. ❞


    ❝ Green Prefab is the perfect partner, we feel safe and confident on effective results together. ❞

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    Richard Green

    Director Easi Space

    The United Kingdom

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    John Buongiorno

    Vice Pres. Mod. Div. Axis Construction

    The United States

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    Emmanuele Tafuro

    Marketing Manager R.I.Group