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    Green Prefab is not only a leader in sustainable modular construction but also a hub for innovation and research. We are proud to house a dedicated research division that continually explores cutting-edge projects, pushing the boundaries of sustainable building practices. While research is at our core, we understand the importance of practical solutions for our clients. Our research projects complement our commitment to delivering real-world, eco-friendly modular building solutions. 

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    Hybrid Sustainable Worlds.

    Hybrid Sustainable Worlds (HSW) is an innovation project on green building promoted by the Venetian Green Building Cluster Innovative Network and co-financed by the Veneto Region. The project involves 21 local companies, four regional universities and a research body.

    singGreen Prefab at HSW investigates large-scale 3D printing with a prefabrication approach and the use of biomaterials.


    Consortium Founding Partner


    Date: Set 2020 - Gen 2023

    Funding Framework: Veneto Region - POR FESR 2014 - 2020 Action 1.1.4 DGR 822/2020

    Overall budget: € 2.998.736,75


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    Adapting Service lifeCycle towards EfficienT Clouds (ASCETiC) is focused on providing novel methods and tools to support software developers aiming to optimise energy efficiency and minimise the carbon footprint resulting from designing, developing, deploying, and running software in Clouds.


    Consortium Founding Partner


    Date: Jan 2013 - Oct 2016

    Funding Framework: EU FP7-ICT

    Overall budget: € 4.405.304,00


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    VENUS-C (multidisciplinary EnviroNments USing Cloud infrastructures) aims to develop and deploy a Cloud Computing service for research and industry communities in Europe by offering an industrial-quality service-oriented platform based on virtualisation technologies. With its industrial partners and the broad range of scientific user communities, the consortium will demonstrate the feasibility and potential of a Scientific Cloud for Europe.


    Consortium Founding Partner (Associated with Collaboratorio)


    Date: Jan 2010 - Jan 2012

    Funding Framework: EU FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES

    Overall budget: 8.306.364,00


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    MACE (Metadata for Architectural Contents in Europe)

    is a pan-european initiative to interconnect and disseminate digital information about architecture. MACE connects various repositories of architectural knowledge and enriches their contents with metadata. The result are unique services for searching and browsing architectural contents, for instance, by conceptual connection, geography, language.


    Consortium Founding Partner (Associated with Collaboratorio)


    Date: Jan 2007 - Jan 2010

    Funding Framework: EU eContentplus

    Overall budget: € 9.000.000,00


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