• Our Ventures

    We're passionate about nurturing and supporting the next wave of sustainable innovation. Through Green Prefab Ventures, our private micro incubator for startups, we actively invest in promising initiatives that align with our vision of a zero-carbon footprint society.

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    ZEB Technologies

    'ZEB Technologies' optimizes the decarbonization of buildings to meet Zero-Energy and Zero-Carbon standards, integrating product technologies and project management services. It's an end-to-end solution, with a complete array of solutions to increase existing building energy efficiency in a fast, efficient, and sustainable way, including but not limited to design and engineering, panelized thermal insulation, windows, shading systems, mechanical ventilation, acoustic insulation, installation and maintenance.


    year started: 2022

    current state: seed funding


    Adam Berg, Curro Guerra, Francisco Guerra Carbonell, Franco Vietti, Furio Barzon, Giancarlo Mazzini Rodriguez Larrain



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    Modular Task Force

    'The International Modular Task Force' is an immediate answer to outbreaks, natural disasters, and forced displacement organized together with an International network of supply chains specialized in state-of-the-art modular building solutions for emergency cases.

    The network has the capacity to quickly build hundreds of buildings and support facilities.


    year started: 2020

    current state: seed funding


    Franco Vietti, Furio Barzon



  • Open Opportunities

    Interested in exploring investment opportunities or new partnerships? Green Prefab is open to new ideas and initiatives. Connect with us to learn more about potential opportunities.