✅ 1. Project Definition

✅ 1. Project Definition

- Assessment of your current market position
- Ready-to-Implement Plan for Market Exploration
- Contact List of 10 Main Tentative Clients
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Step of the Project Definition follows.

In order to collect your requirements, meetings will be held, two online and one at your headquarters, in reference to the opportunity to develop new markets for your products, in addition to those where companies are traditionally already present.
We'll discuss how to leverage our international expertise in the building, construction, components and construction materials markets. In these step we'll analyze your current approach to sale and the results you have achieved so far into your market mechanisms. 

The quality of the production and finishing of your products  are important aspects for being able to address new markets. We'll propose to consider some areas of intervention on an international scale.
Those areas of interventions usually refers to:
- Industrialized and modular building;
- General contractors specialized in high-performance projects;
- Distribution of building materials aimed at professionals.
In particular, the modular building sector represents an opportunity as it is more receptive to innovations thanks to the need to industrialise the production of complete and finished elements for the construction of buildings.
We'll give you an early estimation of the size of the market you can reach, based on our previous knowledge. This will be an estimate based on the specialization of building types and could vary considerably during further investigation.
Furthermore, there are market segments usually linked to general contractors and builders who for specific projects have an interest in adopting more high-performance and modern products in construction, where you may fit in. Also, the distribution of building materials aimed at the professional segment, installers and artisans, can represent a further market outlet for you. Finally, the different areas of intervention may have market systems and value chains that change depending on the geographical area, as operators have very different logical business dimensions depending on the country in which they operate. These differences must be considered when formulating objectives and intervention plans for your specific case.
The geographical areas where we have had experiences are:
- Northern Europe and in particular Holland, and England;
- Southern Europe and in particular Iberian Peninsula, and Italy;
- Eastern Europe where there are concentrations of manufacturers;
- United States and Canada;
- Arabian Peninsula;
- Far East and in particular South East Asia, China, South Korea, Japan.
Among these, some areas must be selected in which to focus the action. 

Business development in modular markets requires understanding which supply chains and value chains are involved, how and where to enter into them with the commercial proposal, which product and production capacity requirements are required to support the action of sale. This involves analyzing and identifying the following:
- Target companies and the relationships they sustain with each other in their markets;
- Elements that enhance the glass resin product within their manufacturing processes;
- Barriers to the adoption of product and supply switching;
- Constituent elements of the commercial proposal including production capacity, disruption and product performance;
- Local sales networks;
- Type of marketing, events and communication specific to the identified targets;
- Budget cycle and revenue prospects.
These analyzes must be based on direct relationships with the target companies and therefore carried out both in the reference country and in the company. Direct relationships will be a wealth of contacts that can be used right from the first work activities for company management. Furthermore, the needs for product and service requirements, the relative costs, possible sales networks, the impacts on the production capacity and on the supply chain of your product will have to be considered. Therefore, the approach to business development will be gradual in successive steps, having to balance all the factors that make the penetration of the companies' offer into foreign markets feasible. It is a job that is done alongside management in order to identify sales objectives, strategies and budgets. 

Entering new markets, especially in foreign countries, requires a certain organizational effort, commitment of resources, use of specific skills and finally time. Often this represents a gap and an important commitment for the company. We'll estimate precisely the necessary fund that would make it possible to cover consultancy costs.
We are also prepared to work with local entities who may financially support or co-invest in your efforts. If you are interested in this regard, we are able to define the consultancy project to support you in national and international development and prepare the case with the parts of the project suitable for your participation in the tender or fund request.

At this stage our costs to be recognized are:
- Definition of the overall project: €5,000.00;
- Meeting at your headquarters +€1.000, travel costs to be covered.
- Definition and preliminary investigation of tender procedure and support: to be estimated. 

At the end of this activity, that usually lasts 4-6 weeks, you'll have a Ready-to-Implement Plan for your Market Exploration with an initial list of tentative clients we know that can fit on your offer.

After we have known each other in the developing of this Project Definition, you can peacefully decide to implement the plan by yourself or to rely on us to execute the Market Exploration, whose plan will be released with the end of the Project Definition.

It should be clear that given the limited number of clients we can serve and the kind of commitment this activity involves, we have to select the requests and prioritize them in order of acceptance of our proposal.


Our outputs:

  • Assessment of your current market position
    Dive deep into understanding your current position in the modular building market and your potential to add value in the value chain. Our assessment analyzes your market presence, competitive environment, and strategic opportunities, providing you with clear insights to strengthen your market strategy.
  • Ready-to-Implement Project Definition Plan
    This service provides a preliminary definition of your current market position, identifying potential avenues for expansion and innovation in modular building. We analyze your sales approach, product quality, and market achievements, offering insights into new market opportunities, particularly in the modular building sector. Our assessment includes estimating market size potential, understanding geographical market dynamics, and formulating strategies for market penetration, focusing on areas such as industrialized and modular building, high-performance project contractors, and professional building materials distribution.
  • Contact List of 10 Main Clients
    Gain exclusive access to a curated list of 10 major clients in the modular building sector. This list is a customized powerful tool for fostering new relationships, exploring business opportunities, and gaining insights into the market dynamics. It's designed to help you understand the key players shaping the future of modular construction.

Offer: €5,000.00

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