✅ 1. Project Assessment 1

✅ 1. Project Assessment 1

Green Prefab provides design assessment for your own not-for-modular plan. If the case we can even start the concept design from scratch with our AI tool service to provide a native modular design. This step is focused on streamlining the design phase to make it more cost-effective and efficient, setting the stage for successful project execution.

- Modular Project Assessment
- Assessment Report
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  1. Pre-conditions / Inputs from the Client

    • The client will be in one of the following situations:
      1. Without a Design Plan: The client needs to provide all necessary information to let us create a modular design concept plan using AI design tools. This includes site details, requirements, preferences, and any specific constraints.
      2. With an Existing Design Plan: The client should provide all architectural drawings and related documents. This is essential for us to assess the design and adapt it for modular construction with minimal alterations.
  2. The Problem We Solve

    • Clients often struggle with transforming conventional building designs into modular formats or creating new modular designs that meet specific requirements. Our service addresses these issues by offering expert assessment and early adaptation of designs for modular construction, ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and compliance with modular building standards.
  3. What We Do

    • For clients without a design plan, we utilize advanced AI tools to generate a modular-friendly design based on their inputs. For those with existing plans, we conduct a thorough assessment to adapt the design for modular construction. This includes analyzing structural elements, modular compatibility, and potential design optimizations to ensure a seamless transition to modular building methods.
  4. Outputs the Client Gets

    • An assessment report outlining the feasibility and adaptability of the project for modular construction, together with your revised design that aligns with modular construction principles. For clients without a design plan, they receive a modular-compatible design plan.
  5. Expected Delivery Time

    • The Project Assessment phase typically takes 3-6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project and the initial state of the design plan.
  6. Extra Services

    • We offer additional free consultations on integrating early sustainable practices, technological innovations, and guidance on regulatory compliance specific to modular buildings. For this case or other specific situations we strongly recommend to book a one-day meeting at your headquarters.
  7. Next Phase

    • Upon completion, the project may progress to the "2. Cost Estimates" phase, where we provide detailed cost analysis and other performance projections for your modular construction project.


Our outputs:

  • Modular Project Assessment
    Get your design fully checked for modular: transform ideas into actionable plans for modular production;
  • Assessment Report
    Written report outlining the feasibility and adaptability of the project for modular construction.


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