✅ 0. Project Definition

✅ 0. Project Definition

This initial phase involves defining the project's scope and objectives. It's a crucial step to ensure that clients have a clear understanding of the project's goals and requirements.

- Modular Development Plan
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  1. Pre-conditions / Inputs from the Client

    • The client should have a building development project in preparation, at any stage before the commencement of the construction site. The project must involve prefab modular construction.
      It is beneficial if the client can provide preliminary plans, objectives, or conceptual ideas about the project.
  2. The Problem We Solve

    • In the early stages of building development, especially involving prefab modular construction, clients often face challenges in defining the project scope, setting realistic objectives, and aligning these with modular construction methodologies. Our service addresses these challenges by providing expert guidance in shaping the project since the very beginning to suit modular construction paradigms.
  3. What We Do

    • We conduct an in-depth analysis of the client's preliminary plans and objectives. Our team collaborates closely with the client to refine the project's scope, ensuring it aligns with modular construction best practices. If needed we already provide expertise in modular design principles, sustainability considerations, and regulatory compliance to establish a solid foundation for the project.
  4. Outputs the Client Gets

    • A comprehensive project definition report that includes a detailed project scope, defined objectives, preliminary design considerations, sustainability and compliance issues, and an initial roadmap for the project’s progression.
  5. Expected Delivery Time

    • The expected delivery time for the Project Definition phase is typically 2-4 weeks, depending on the complexity and scale of the project.
  6. Extra Services

    • Additional consultations on sustainability practices, regulatory compliance advice, and preliminary risk assessments can be provided upon request, including a 1 full day of our team at your headquarters.
  7. Next Phase

    • Upon successful completion of the Project Definition phase, the project moves to the next phase, "Project Assessment," where we conduct a thorough assessment of the project’s feasibility and design considerations.


Our main output:

  • Modular Development Plan

    We deliver an immediately implementable strategic plan for the feasibility and development of your modular construction, describing all the steps to success for your specific needs. This is an open collection of documents which will grow during the stage of your developments.


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