✅ 2. Cost Estimates

✅ 2. Cost Estimates

Green Prefab offers platforms to enable preliminary cost estimates and insights into the project's performance at an early stage. This service helps in making informed decisions regarding the project's financial viability.

- General Cost Estimates;
- Energy Incentives;
- General Time Estimates.
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  1. Pre-conditions / Inputs from the Client

    • Clients should already possess a modular concept project that has been validated. This design, available in 2D or 3D digital formats, is essential for us to perform a detailed quantity take-off from the kit of parts. The client’s design is used to produce a bill of quantities, which is then matched with local datasets of standard modular prices, providing a foundation for accurate cost estimation.
  2. The Problem We Solve

    • Many clients face challenges in accurately estimating the costs of modular construction projects, including construction and operational expenses, as well as navigating energy incentives. Our service aims to provide a detailed and transparent cost analysis, helping clients understand the financial viability and sustainability implications of their projects.
  3. What We Do

    • We conduct a thorough quantity take-off from the client's modular design and produce a comprehensive bill of quantities. This is then connected with local datasets of modular prices to generate accurate construction and operation cost estimates. We also estimate available energy incentives based on the local financial systems. Additionally, we create a tentative project timeline using a Gantt chart to outline the schedule.
  4. Outputs the Client Gets

    • Through our comprehensive service, clients gain invaluable insights into the financial aspects of their modular construction projects. We provide a detailed bill of materials along with transparent and accurate cost estimates based on standardized modular solutions. This approach not only unveils the financial viability of the project but also ensures a clear understanding of the costs involved.
    • In addition to cost analysis, we play a pivotal role in maximizing the project's sustainability potential. Our team actively engages in identifying and quantifying energy incentives, ensuring that your project not only aligns with, but also benefits from, various energy incentive programs. This alignment aids in both fulfilling sustainability goals and optimizing financial modeling requirements.

    • Moreover, we offer a well-defined overview of the project's timeline. Our general time estimates serve as a valuable tool in project planning, providing clients with a clear and comprehensive timeline. This gross timeline aids in outlining the project's journey from inception to completion, facilitating efficient and effective project planning and delivery.

  5. Expected Delivery Time

    • The delivery time for the Cost Estimates phase typically ranges from 4-6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project and the level of detail in the modular design provided.
  6. Extra Services

    • Additional services may include more detailed financial modeling, advanced sustainability consulting, and specific cost optimization strategies for modular construction. This service requires a deep 1-to-1 session, so clients should consider to book our presence at their headquarters.
  7. Next Phase

    • Following the Cost Estimates phase, the project progresses to the "3. Supply Chain Kick Off" phase, where we focus on integrating the project with the appropriate modular construction supply chain and initiating the construction process.


Our outputs:

  • General Cost Estimates
    Clients receive a detailed bill of materials and transparent cost estimates based on standard modular solutions, which reveals the financial viability of the project.
  • Energy Incentives
    Early identification and estimation of energy incentives, aligning the project with sustainability goals.
  • General Time Estimates
    A gross Gantt timeline of the project, offering clarity and assistance in efficient project planning and delivery.


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