• From Design to Build.

    Access platforms to enable preliminary cost estimates and performance insights early in your project, helping you make informed decisions. Join us in a seamless journey from assessment to execution. With transparent pricing and expert support, each step is an investment in your project's success.

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    Building Smarter,

    Modular Innovation.

    Our mission is to accelerate the transformation of the building industry by offering unparalleled project facilitation services from concept to completion. Embrace the future of building with Green Prefab’s cutting-edge modular solutions.

  • We know your concerns.

    From our deep knowledge of the market due to direct experience with clients plus a continuous online analysis and feedbacks of requirements, issues and trends.

    Lack of Control?

    "I am worried about the lack of control I have over the construction process of the prefabricated building."

    Delivery Time?

    "I'm concerned about the delivery time of the supplier for my prefabricated building."


    "I am worried about the quality of the prefabricated building, as I can't inspect the construction process. "


    "I am anxious about the installation process of the prefabricated building, as it may require specialized skills."

    Green affordability?

    "I'm concerned about the high costs and limited availability of eco-friendly technologies for my projects."

    Withstand weather?

    "I am unsure if the prefabricated building will be able to withstand extreme weather conditions."


    "I am worried about the potential for damage during the transportation of the prefabricated building."




    Renewable Energy?

    "I'm overwhelmed by the challenge of integrating renewable energy solutions into my building designs without compromising on aesthetics."

    Hidden Costs?

    "I'm upset about the hidden costs that arise from delays and unforeseen complications during the construction phase."

    Resale Value?

    "I am concerned about the resale value of the prefabricated building."

  • We know what you want.

    We Understand Your Challenges, our expertise is rooted in real-world experiences and ongoing analysis of evolving problems and requirements in the modular building industry.

    No Surprise Expenses

    I want a transparent pricing model that includes all potential costs upfront, ensuring no surprise expenses during the construction phase.

    Reduce Hidden Costs

    I want to reduce by 25% hidden costs arising from delays and unforeseen complications during the construction phase.

    Stabilize Labor Cost

    I want to stabilize labor costs, aiming for no more than a 10% fluctuation, to maintain profitability.

    Simple Installation

    I want a simple installation process, with support if needed.

    Certified Resistance

    "I am unsure if the prefabricated building will be able to withstand extreme weather conditions."

    Waste Management

    I want an efficient waste management system that minimizes disposal costs and maximizes recycling efforts.

    Reduce Carbon Footprint

    I want to accurately measure and reduce the carbon footprint of my building projects by 30% to enhance sustainability.

    Good Resale Value

    I want assurance of a good resale value for the prefabricated building.




    Reliable Providers

    I want to work with a modular provider that has a proven track record of reliability and trustworthiness.

    Timely Completion

    I want a streamlined construction process that ensures timely completion of my projects, enhancing my productivity and efficiency.

  • How It Works


    Project Assessment

    Receive guidelines and tools for your early design process: We provide comprehensive guidance and tools to streamline your project's design phase, making it more cost-effective and efficient.


    Cost Estimates

    Access platforms to enable preliminary cost estimates and performance insights early in your project, helping you make informed decisions.



    Connect your project to the finest supply chain: Our expertise ensures that your project is seamlessly integrated into the most efficient modular supply chain, guaranteeing precision and quality

  • Outputs you get in one month

    Streamlining your project development, step by step: our structured workflow is designed to guide you through every stage of your modular project.

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    Modular Development Plan

    Have a strategic plan for the feasibility and development of your modular construction. This is an open collection of documents which will grow during the stage of your developments,

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    Modular Project Assessment

    Assess your own not-for-modular drawings or start from scratch with our AI tool service. See how our meticulous assessment transforms ideas into actionable plans, setting the stage for successful project execution.

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    General Cost Estimates

    Discover the financial viability of your project with our detailed bill of materials and transparent cost estimates, based on standard modular solutions.

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    Energy Incentives

    Our services include validating energy incentive programs and assisting with financial modeling to ensure your project aligns with sustainability goals.

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    General Time Estimates

    Understand the gross timeline of your project. Our estimates provide clarity and help in planning for efficient project delivery.

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    Manufacturers & Suppliers List

    Gain access to our curated list of top-tier manufacturers and suppliers, ensuring high-quality materials and services.

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    Alternative Purchase Offers

    Explore a range of options tailored to your project's needs, ensuring you have the best solutions at your fingertips.

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    ❝ Green Prefab is the right partner to help building developers make the leap from old, outdated construction systems to new modern modular construction methods. 

    Richard Green, Director Easi Space

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    ❝ We have ascertained the great work done by Green Prefab in exploring advanced digital libraries of hospital modular solutions also using artificial intelligence. 

    John Buongiorno, Vice President Mod. Div. Axis Construction

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    Green Prefab helped us a lot in collecting market feedbacks about the competitive advantage of adding a passive-house approach to our modular building series.

    Roger Krulak, CEO Full Stack Modular

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    We have an open collaboration with Green Prefab since years, we share knowledge and strategies about new trends, new module types and new markets. And it is very usefull!

    Ewelina Wozniak-Szpakiewicz, CEO DMD Modular

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    Green Prefab' is the perfect partner to represent us with tentative clients. We feel safe and confident on effective results together.

    Emmanuele Tafuro, Marketing Manager R.I.Group

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    Green Prefab's efforts contributed significantly in the concept definition of our integrated light gauge steel construction system.

    Enrico Frizzera, CEO Manni Group

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    Our Operations

    We are active throughout Europe, North America, Asia, South America, and Africa with a group of high-end manufacturers.


    • 13 production partners
    • 6 technical partners
    • 19 countries
  • Transform Your Vision into Reality

    Secure your success: leverage Green Prefab's 'From Design To Build' framework for making safe, informed decisions in your building development plans. Take the first step towards a confident and successful project: connect with us Today!

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    Common queries and concerns of participants

  • The Modular Shift: A Brief Guide

    Unlock the future of building with this free guide. Smoothly transit from traditional construction methods to the efficiency of prefab modular techniques.

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    Embark on a safe transformative journey in construction with your complimentary guide, 'The Modular Shift: A Brief Guide'. This concise edition offers a step-by-step walkthrough to evolve from age-old building practices to the cutting-edge of prefab and modular construction.